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Friday, January 01, 2010
「 invaded it on 1:56 AM 」


Just back from clique outing. Awesome.

First we went to ECP to cycle. Then went to Jielin's house to chill out.

Lots of fun, especially photo taking session.

Even though my feet has blisters now it doesn't really matter much. ("wah so 感动 worzXzxZX")

My first few moments of 2010 has been spent with the clique. And we broke a lot of record, for example me receiving the first swear word of 2010 *claps*

Today is the 6th year running that we have known each other. Hopefully every year we will be able to celebrate every new year together :D

Signing off now, the first post of 2010. I eat hor fun because I am 烦 hehehehe!

Sunday, December 27, 2009
「 invaded it on 10:07 AM 」


I just glanced through my contact list. Only a primary school friend is online.

Well okay there are 2 more online, but I don't really know who the hell they are.

Maybe the rest of you conspired to appear offline all together.

Anyway the time now is 9.50am.

The first thing people will ask is, how come you wake up so early?

I have no choice my friend. As you can see from my facebook, some asshole is bloody drilling.

He started at 9am I think. I woke up at 9.08am. Then he drilled for 5 minutes. And he stopped.

Then he started drilling again.

WTF? Seriously whats wrong with the guy upstairs?


Woops. Maybe he's kind hearted and he wanted to wake everyone up for church. Or maybe for tai ji.

He didn't think that there are people who don't go to church, and people who don't do tai ji.

I set my alarm at 10am. Now I can eat my breakfast way before that time.

Just now I heard my neighbour's baby crying like mad. Looks like it isn't only me being the affected party.

Seriously I didn't want to blog so soon (I only did yesterday!), but this thing has forced me into action.

Really. Now he's bloody knocking using a hammer.


Saturday, December 26, 2009
「 invaded it on 6:40 PM 」


Okay I am not going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas because apparently Alicia Tee reminded that its Boxing day already.

Well just a belated Merry Christmas to everyone!

I think I had my busiest day of the week on Thursday. The clique had steamboat, and being the only guy living at Sembawang (and of course kind hearted), I went to Jooinlee's house to pick up the steamboat stuff first.

Then I met JJ and we went to Sun Plaza to get the gifts for the annual exchange. Both of us got weird gifts anyway.

You know, we were walking around and thought of buying barbie dolls, those small shoes that babies wear, and other weird weird stuff.

So I walked past a stall by the side, and saw it has unique items. The stall was selling women wear.

I spotted a small box, the picture on it was like a push-up bra or something of that kind.

Being very shy I just stood there and waited for the auntie to come to us. Then she asked what we wanted.

I pointed to that, and asked how much it cost. 30 bucks.

Not funny worxZxsdzx, 30 bucks for a joke Christmas gift is really too expensive.

So in the end I got an electric fan, whom Wai Kuong got it, and JJ got himself a piece of cloth.

Okay I don't know whats the name of it, but its something that you can hang it at your door. Like a door curtain.

I got the fan at $8.90, he got it for $7.90, both are well within the budget. Seriously he should have bought the same as me!

So after that we met the rest at Macs, and then we went to Yuhyan's house for the steamboat and stayover.

So after settling down and exploring her house, the guys went to get more food for the steamboat. Lots of fun on the way.

After getting the food everyone went down for frisbee! It was fun but unfortunately it was ended prematurely because the frisbee crashed into some vomit on the floor.

Poor JJ.

So after that we ate, and exchanged the gifts. I got Zong Qin's extra large pen. The pen is very huge (read this sentence very quickly)

Tian Wei unfortunately got JJ's gift. Thinking back if I ever bought that push-up bra thing, WK would have been very suay LOL

Anyway after a while Joannas had to go and Yuhyan and me went to bring her to the MRT. On the way back JJ and WK joined us.

I felt dirty so I went back home to bathe and facebooked for a while. Then when I went back there they told me that the glass on the table cracked because it was too hot.

Wow I missed all the fun. Anyway those who can't stayover were going home and I brought them to the MRT again, along with the steamboat equipment because I am going to Jooinlee house with her.

To return the steamboat equipment. Don't anyhow think.

But it was weird because her sister's friends were there and I was sitting there alone watching TV while Jooinlee bathed.

Then they started asking me weird questions. How old I am, how I am related to her, am I chasing her, what am I doing there etc -.-

But I think they are a really friendly bunch.

So surprisingly we left for Yuhyan's house after just 15 minutes I think. She said that the normal time to bathe was half an hour.

I think she really saved me because 15 minutes worth of weird questions is really not funny.

Anyway we watched funny stuff on the net, and played the game '99', and by 5 I think I was sleeping already.

They were saying I can't last after 2. Heh.

The next day we woke up at 11 plus I think. Then yuhyan brought us our breakfast prepared by her mum which was toasted bread with cheese.

Initially I was thinking eating bread with cheese sucks, but after having the first bite I was pretty amazed.

Either my mum doesn't know how to make a cheese sandwich or yuhyan's mum simply rocks.

I think I moved really a lot that day and that day was my most hardworking for clique gathering. Usually I just lazed around like a fat cat.

Meet Sugar, Yuhyan's cat

Maybe because this time its at Sembawang and I wanted to be a good host, not to throw Sembawangers' face.

You know during the night I was waiting for my family's call because my dad told us to be on standby. He might be coming to bring us to Orchard road for sightseeing.

But it only happened yesterday night. We went out, and had supper at Newton circle and only reached home at around 1am.

For those wondering how come I can only come out so late is because my dad is a taxi driver, and if by chance he's near our area he can bring us out. And his is the graveyard shift.

Which means you can see him driving along Lim Chu Kang at 3am. Spooky.

Well this rounds up my Christmas. Boxing day is borrrrrring.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
「 invaded it on 10:26 PM 」


Wow finally had time.

Alright last week was totally off, we had our annual basketball camp!

Starting from Monday. We were supposed to be meeting at 7am, but I arrived at 2pm.

Initially because I wanted to go to the polyclinic to have a X ray. But due to several misunderstandings I didnt went in the end.

The amazing thing is, when I stretched my back, I feel normal. Then when I carried my camping stuff to the school the back pain came again.

Wtf. Seriously at that point of time I really thought that my back injury had a relapse. Like during sec 2/3.

But luckily I did those stretching, one of them is taught by the camp excel guy, coincidentally the exercise is also introduced by my physio guy.

*drum roll* The Cobra!

Okay they say that this is also taught in yoga. Me doing yoga. Sounds gay.

Seriously I always thought yoga is gay. But now I have no choice but to use a gay way to relieve my pain. How gay.

Okay I actually meant gay as happy. Never mind if you got the wrong one ;)

So I stretched a bit and waited for TPJC to come :O

We won. Its a good feeling to have people cheering you on by the sides. I think I scored quite a lot, maybe eighteen points hehehe.

In the end we won 82-68. Our first home game, we won and everyone was happy. Then we lived happily ever after.

No way. My back pain was slightly better, but I got a bruise on my thigh. While doing a layup someone knocked me in the thigh using his knee. Ouch.

At that moment there's a freaking sharp pain that I had to hobble to the bench.

At night I couldn't sleep well and its hard to move around. I had to limp from one place to another :(

2nd day. The next day the bruise was better. I thought the heat rub helped a lot. But I was having trouble running and shooting the ball, and there's a match against CJC in the morning.

Yea I played, and scored 8 points with 4/5 shooting :D In the end we won 68-63.

After that I was soooo tired that I slept through the refereeing course :X

And after that we had training in the evening, which I sat out halfway because the pain was unbearable.

At night we watched zombie land, and had an early night at around 12.

3rd day, and after the morning run (which I sat out also), we had breakfast. Then we went to the hall for a course.

Conducted by yours truly. The first aid course. Seriously I was quite nervous but luckily I prepared and was quite humorous I think, even the teachers LOLed :O

Luckily no one fell asleep. But the thing is the items in the first aid box is so little, and I took only 10 minutes to go through everything. After teaching them how to cure sprains and common basketball injuries I really had nothing to go through.

So I had an impromptu Q&A session. They asked me questions at first, and after that I asked them back. Whoever gets one question correct gets one chicken wing at the BBQ.

Very rushed Q&A. Very random prize. Before the whole session the excos suggested buying sweets to reward them.

But its okay. At least at the end their spirits are high and that is the most important thing :D

So there was the 3v3 tournament, and after that we lunched and prepared the BBQ.

All the seniors are coming back for the BBQ cum testimonial match. In the end we lost 102-66 I think.

Quite a terrible margin. But they were really pro. Like damn. I might be quite big sized against other players, but I went in like a mouse. Really.

I turned and pivoted and can't find an opening. And they were very physical too.

I had my worst match of the camp, shooting 2/10, scoring 5 points. Okay still it looks normal if you compared to our top scorer who only had 12 points. And I had 7 rebounds also.

But its still disappointing to have a 20% shooting.

In the end everyone sat down to eat their food, we didn't eat much, because of the large number of seniors that were present. In the end we joked that we paid 20 bucks (which is the camp fee) to feed the seniors.

Well I managed to get 3 hotdogs, a plate of bee hoon, and a couple of crabsticks. Still not bad I should say.

Some of them went to sleep, I played ball till around 3am plus. By that time my sole is damn pain and I have to limp to the showers. I almost did the unthinkable.

Sleeping in the basketball court.

Then we went to sleep.

The next day we cleaned up and went to have lunch. Then at night we had steamboat at chongpang.

It was not bad, really. 20 bucks and I ate quite a lot. Bruce ordered pig brain and while eating, he realised that the insides are uncooked. Wohoo.

Kena pwned big time man.

Alright, thats all for Terence and his adventures!

P.S I haven't done any work yet!

Saturday, December 12, 2009
「 invaded it on 2:00 PM 」


To be honest I have nothing to do, so I am here blogging.

Is it just me, or other people aren't interested in blogging anymore?

I still remember in PHS times blog surfing was one of the best hobbies. Like ever.

Now many people have deleted their blogs, and I am here watching my brother play Wolfteam.

Anyway I told myself to start work today, but I haven't done so. Maybe I will read some stuff.

Holidays are boring, when you have nothing to do. Or don't want to do. Like studying.

Okay you see I am bored to the max, I think whatever that I typed just now was crap.

Alright for a short announcement I am not going to be online for around four days next week.

Basketball Camp. And I haven't researched on the First Aid stuff that I am supposed to, because I will be giving a talk on that.

Well I think I am quite suitable for the job. For one, I get myself injured all the time and it will really help :O

Recently we had a friendly against Yishun Sec. You might think since its secondary school we should win, but unfortunately it went otherwise.

I think this is the first time I played so much. My first game was against Innova JC, and I was like a calefare, only appearing for like less than a minute.

And that was because losing was obvious and the coach wanted to give us an opportunity to play.

But well I did touch the ball once.

There were two friendlies before Promos, and I didn't get to play because I had a sprained ankle. 2 months.

Before this friendly I sprained my ankle again, but I told myself I need to play. Watching them play isn't any fun.

They are in sports gear, running around, playing against the opponents, while you are in school uniform, watching them owning people, or maybe getting owned, the feeling simply sucks.

I think I did okay against Yishun Sec. Fourteen points and nine rebounds :D

I am not so sure but I think I scored the most for my team.

The coach must have ran out of compliments because whenever he subbed me out of play, his only words are "Terence, good play."

He repeated it for like 4 times. Not that it isn't good anyway.

Next week we will be having our camp, and TPJC will be coming on Monday. On tuesday CJC will be coming, and on the third day there will be a testimonial match between alumni-s and us.

My only concern is my ankle, and of course the First Aid course. In addition whether I have enough underwear, or clothes to bring.

I think I will be just fine if these are settled.

Off to study! (I hope)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009
「 invaded it on 5:43 PM 」


I just had a haircut with Derek.

And on my way I think I saw the Shi Hui from 5N.

Anyway while walking past PHS, and waiting for the traffic light, I felt something on my shoulder.

Woot. Bird Shit.

Seriously I can't believe I am so suay.

So we went PHS and clean it up. Meanwhile we saw Tan Bak Boon!

He's so funny. He asked me if I was a Christian or Buddhist. If I am a Buddhist I should buy some chrysanthemum and bathe with it. To get rid of the bad luck.

Well, I rather think it as a God given opportunity to buy 4D.

On the way back we saw YJC squash team I think, cos Josy was there :O

Monday, I accidentally sprained my right ankle (again) while playing basketball. I landed on Zong Qin's feet and immediately felt the pain.

Really, I am so damn suay. There's a friendly tomorrow, and there's a chance that I might miss it due to the ankle.

There's still some pain though. But it feels better, more flexible and stuff. I think I am about 80%.

Hopefully I can play well!

P.S Eh you all tag leh! Don't view and run off. My tagboard is dyinggggggg

Saturday, December 05, 2009
「 invaded it on 8:42 AM 」


I realised I am one of the only 3 people that are online now in my contact list.

I woke up at 8.15 am today. On a Saturday morning, I must be really mad.

I couldn't get myself to sleep. At around 2 I was on my bed. I think after half an hour or something I was still turning around!

And that's not all. I woke up in the middle of the night, probably 4 or 5 something. Too dark to check the clock.

Man, maybe I am too excited already. I am going out later *sniggles*

Or rather I think I was too hyper after training yesterday. Normally after training I will feel damn hot, like my body is burning. Even with the air condition on.

So yesterday unfortunately, I got one of my most terrible and disgusting injury of all time. A blog to the throat, hitting my Adam's apple.

Well why can't they change it to Eve's apple, or Man's apple, or in fact into another fruit like orange, I don't know.

But anyways, I think me and Yan Cheng were like jumping into the air for a rebound, and his elbow flew straight into my throat.

Ouch. I instantly got choked. I am so afraid that my windpipe might collapse and I DIES :(

But okay, granted I still feel the pain now as I am typing this post, but at least my voice didn't turn out to be sissy.

My PW group members think that I have a deep voice. If this incident happened before OP maybe they will be very happy that I finally have a voice of higher octave.

Like those chao ah gua. Eeyer tao yan~~

So other than that I am quite fine except for a bit of worn out skin on my index toes (if there's such a word). Not one, but both feet surprisingly. Two is really better than one (sacarsm)

This week is the first week of holidays, and I pretty much wasted all of it.

Monday - woke up at 2 :O , ate and went for training, home at around 8 and was too lazy to do anything afterwards.

Tuesday- woke up at 12, ate and went for tuition. Too brain-sapped and lazy to do anything, thus went to play bball by myself.

Wednesday - woke up at 1, ate and went for training. Monday's cycle repeats itself.

Thurs - see Tuesday.

Friday - woke up at 12.30, ate and went for training at 3. Refer to Monday.


Anyway I borrowed two books from the library, namely Gross News and Beyond 2012.